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Volunteers  for Our Basic Life Support Courses and More in Redlands, CA


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to handing out flyers at the mall.


Volunteers are always welcome at the Inland Empire Healthcare Training Institute. Presently we ar recuriting for Volunteer CPR Instructor if you are intreted please contact our office and spek to Mr. Garrett Cox. Volunteers also needed to help setup for events and job fairs and we never have enough hands to help us passout or help us mail out informational flyers.  



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How much is the course?

Total course cost = $3,000

Are there any grants or scholarships available?

Yes we have several scholarships that are made available through both the San Bernardino County WIOA and the Workforce Development Department.


Basic qualifications in order to be considered for a scholorshipthe is 1) must live within the County of San Bernardino and 2) must be between the ages of 17-24 years old. If you satisfy these two basic requirements you will then be made an appointment with one of our case managers to complete the application.


For more info call: (909) 793-7746

How long is the course ?

The course duration is 17 weeks. Class meets 3 days a week for 6 hours each class. The first 3 weeks the student will receive their American Heart Association BLS Certification and must pass the Emergency Medical Responder prerequisite. Once the student completes the Emergency Medical Responder with an 80% pass they will be advanced into the Emergency Medical Technician, EMT, program for the proceeding 14 weeks. 

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    1.Emergency Medical Technician, EMT, Job Training Cost = $3,000

This is a 17 Week Job Training Program that prepares you to take the National Registry Exam for Emergency Medical Technicians Basic.


    2.Emergency Medical Responder, EMR, Training Cost = $450

This is a 48-Hour class that introduces the student into the Emergency Medical Service. The EMR is also the prerequisite to the EMT Class and must be passed with an 80% overall to be accepted tin to the EMT Training Program.


    3.24-Hour EMT Refresher Course $350 

This is a 24-Hour Refresher Course for EMT’s that are re-activating their EMT license or that are seeking Continuing Education credit for to maintain the EMT License.


    4.Skills Verification Cost = $250

This course provides refresher training prior to evaluating EMT skills competency. Our course meets the State of California skills testing requirements for EMTs to recertify both at a state and national level. Testing consists of an evaluation of the 10 core skills that are required for certification.  This includes: Patient Assessment Medical, & Trauma, Airway Emergencies, Breathing Emergencies, CPR & AED courses Circulation Emergencies, Neurologic Emergencies, Soft Tissue Injury, Musculoskeletal Injury, Obstetrical Emergencies


Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Classes Offered

-Basic Life Support courses, BLS, = $75.00

        (BLS-Healthcare Providers)


-Heart Saver CPR = $50.00


-Heart Saver CPR & First Aid = $80.00

***NOTE you must have current AHA CPR book to attend class.

**AHA CPR books are available for sale at $17 

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